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The Info Point offers migration related information for the communities affected in the Bihor-Hajdu-Bihar area.

Migration, which is a consequence of free movement in the Bihor-Hajdu-Bihar area, is a phenomenon which is being missed by the official statistics, even though it affects important aspects of society. The assessment regarding migration, which will be developed within the project, will offer an updated status of the phenomenon of migration, so that decision makers can have access to tools which are needed for making the right decision for the development of the area. The assessment will focus on border areas, on areas which are known for significant migration activities, and also on Oradea.

People living in border areas, affected by illegal migration, do not have access to much information. Also, relevant vulnerable groups need to be informed in regards with cross-border crime prevention. This information will target two main groups: people living in border areas affected by illegal migration and people vulnerable to cross-border crimes, like women who might be subject to human trafficking and people who might be affected by illegal activities.

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