The partnership concept relies on associating the most relevant institutions in tackling border management and migration issues in the cross-border area. Implementing the project requires the capacity to develop an integrated response to the challenge posed by migration in the Bihor Hajdu-Bihar cross-border area and the partnership concept developed in order to implement SAFE BORDER, SAFER LIFE covers the necessary competences. As it is thouroughly explained in the section dedicated to describing the competences of partners, each partner has its well-defined role, according to its competences and experience in the thematic field concerned. Fulfilling each objective of the project is a mission that all actors contribute to and their partnership is a strategy that will resolve in the best manner the territorial challenge of the Bihor-Hajdu-Bihar region, that of better managing migration.

A cross-border/regional problem requires a cross-border approach. The recent events that took place European wide, highlighted the general inefficiency of individual/local responses to what is a cross-regional/border phenomenon, responses which either accelerated or deflected the problem. It also highlighted the need for close cooperation, coordinated response measures and coherence of regional and international responses, thus the added value brought by the implementation of this project which consists in joint efforts with a view to finding common solutions.

The Lead partner, the Prefecture of Bihor county, has among its responsibilities, safeguarding law and order in Bihor county and constributing to the development strategy of the area. Together with its partners, Hajdu Bihar County Police, Oradea Regional Border Police and Bihor County Police, it can offer an integrated response to both safeguarding the RO-HU border against the threats of migration from third countries and to emproving the way migration can affect the region, improving coordination in order to prevent the negative effects of migration, offering up to date info

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