Bihor County Police

A.   Experience:

Bihor County Police has own specialized personnel in the field of preventing and tackling criminality, ensuring public order. It presents institutional stability and represents the main pillar of public serving the community. The institution is granted public funding for its activity and the project funding will be an add-on towards the operational endorsement for this authority. Bihor County Police embodies the specialized public services in protecting one`s fundamental rights and liberties, private and public property, preventing and uncovering offences, respecting public order, within legal limitations. Bihor County Police activity represents a public specialized service favoring individual`s best interest, community interests and supporting other institutions, following and being limited by the law. In order to best fulfill its duties, Bihor County Police cooperates with other governmental institutions, within legal limitations.(as foreseen Art. 1,2,3,4 of Law no.218/2002 )

ROHU 183 SAFE BORDER, SAFER LIFE is addressing a well identified EU community need, presented by the program priorities and specific objective, i.e. intensifying sustainable cross-border cooperation of institutions and communities. Developing the activities proposed within, the project is to add supplements towards the service actions dedicated to the community and its safety, on a long prospective, as it brings together all responsible authorities on the domain.

Due to the transit area settings, considering the free EU borders and the increasing levels of migration phenomenon, the criminality has risen impacting the communities in Bihor – Hajdu – Bihar region. Preventing citizen victimization, quick and operative solving crimes, assessing new trends brought in by the migration development and their impact on society, all these task ask for the responsible authorities to act; Bihor County Police being one of these actors.

Acting as a partner in SAFER BORDER, SAFER LIFE project, the cooperation among both Romanian and Hungarian institutional representatives managing the safety of the community is optimized. Furthermore, the project adds value to the plain institutional Cooperation Agreement officially drawn since 2001 between Bihor County Police and Hajdu- Bihar Police, thriving it and gluing together the other main actors: Bihor County Prefecture and Oradea Regional Border Police, for maximum coverage of regional responsibilities in the subject.

B.   Benefit :

The UE-funded project ”Mirror Network for Operative and Operational Data Transfer” has fulfilled rela needs and bringing benefits to both cross-border communities: training personnel in preventing and combating crimes via joint trainings, improving management and professional capacity, accelerating institutional data exchange, in order to tackle any threat.

The project results were obvious:

  • Developing an informatics network with 6  work stations for each partner and interconnecting it with the cross-border partner`s
  • Publishing preventive materials for the general public: 5.000 flyers, 200 brochures, promoting 3 audio spots in Romanian and Hungarian language
  • Training the personnel responsible of preventing cross-border criminality: 20 individuals
  • Organizing 2 seminars, for 30 individuals each, to develop a continuous training curricula opportunity by creating a multipliable course

The project has increased local safety, in both regions – Bihor and Hajdu – Bihar, as well as the efficiency on protecting the citizens in both communities, with  specific measures against any crime or trespass are specific to the area – smuggling, human trafficking, document forgery, etc. All these have created premises to develop the present SAFE BORDER SAFER LIFE innitiative.

C.   Other International Projects :

The present project is a continuation of ”Mirror Network for Operative and Operational Data Transfer”, financed by the European Union through Romania – Hungary Phare CBC 2005 / Interreg IIIA – Promoting cross-border cooperation initiative, Measure 2.3 – Encouraging cooperation between institutions and communities. The project was a “people to people” one and has been granted funding via contract RO 2005 / 017 – 536.

The budget of the project was of 49.010 EUR, 44.109 EUR granted funding and 4.901 EUR own contribution of Bihor County Police. It had implementation duration of 12 months.

The project intended to develop an informatics system dedicated to stabilize the data exchange between the institutions, allowing for the data to be used in real time and in an efficient way, so that both communities and their population would also benefit from the financial savings regarding those costs. The direct succession was the evident opportunity of quickness and efficiency of know – how exchange, which initially was difficultly ongoing.

Moreover, in time, Bihor County police has attended these recent European events:

  • Participant, May, 23 – 26, 2016, at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, multinational financial investigation exercise ”Smurfer: Follow the Money!”, as part of  SRE- Security Research Event, managed by the FIOD of The Netherlands and ENLETS
  • Participant, January, 18 – 21, 2016, at Driebergen, The Netherlands, in the international workshop on financial investigation ”Joint Value”, part of SRE- Security Research Event, managed by the FIOD of The Netherlands
  • Participant, April, 14 – 16, 2015, at Budapest, Hungary, at the RAILEX exercise, consistent of RAILPOL European work group
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