Hajdu Bihar County Police

From the perspective of SAFE BORDER, SAFER LIFE concept, the Hajdú-Bihar County Police (HBCP) has a complex profile. Throughout the entire territory of the county, each Police activity is coordinated and supervised by this Law Enforcement institution. Taking into account the fact that in 2008, the Hungarian Border Police was integrated within the National Police Authority, besides its regular Police duties, the HBCP is also responsible for the duties of the Border Police.

This wide range of duties, together with the approximately 2000 employees, shows the fact that the HBCP is a key public services institution in the county.

The operational staff of the headquarters performs its professional activities based on territorial allocation, as follows: 8 local Police Departments perform basic Police obligations and 3 Border Police offices have an essential role in border surveillance, including the total lengths of the border line (98.5 km), plus the border area which is considered to be the area of 30 km within the country from the border line.

Being part of the office’s main competences, the headquarters pays special attention to cross-border crimes, illegal migration, and violations within the green border. Well-trained criminal prosecution offices support the Border Police in matters like human trafficking and abusive usage of counterfeit documents.

The road and rail border checkpoints are subordinated to the Border Police offices, where millions of travelers and a high number of vehicles are being processed every year. Based on international, Schengen, and relevant internal regulations, the headquarters assures the application of the agreed procedures at crossing the borders, both for EU citizens, and citizens of other countries. Besides the above-mentioned legal tools, all activities of the Police are performed in accordance with human rights and fundamental rules.

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