Prefecture of Bihor County

The Prefect represents the Government at local level and leads the descentralized services of the ministers and other central institutions (Constitution of Romania, art. 123). Also, the Prefect guarantees compliance with the law and public order at local level (Law no. 340/2004, art1, l.3).

Furthermore, in art 19, Law no. 340 establishes that the Prefect:

  • takes action in order to maintain the climate of social peace and permanent communication at all institutional and social levels, paying constant attention to preventing social tensions;
  • cooperates with local public authorities in order to determine the priorities of local development;
  • disposes the necessary measures in order to prevent crimes and defend the rights and safety of citizens, with the support of the institutions legally entitled;
  • disposes the necessary measures in order to apply the national policies decided by the Government and the policies for European integration;
  • decides, according to the law, the cooperation and association with similar institutions from the country and abroad, in order to promote common interests.

The Prefecture of Bihor county has the competence and experience to act as a coordinator of resources in order to manage situations that could influence the safety of citizens and proper development of communities, such as migration.

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